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Sail Away with Success: Top 20 Tips for an Unforgettable Disney Wish Cruise

(It's a big deal we're getting off the farm for this one!)

Welcome to a unique blend of farm life and high-seas adventure! Wondering why our farm page is sharing "Top 20 Tips for Your Upcoming Disney Wish Cruise"? Well, it's a special tradition born from our company goals trips at Honest Abe Log Homes, Barky Beaver Mulch & Soils, and Eco-Panels of Tennessee. Join us as we prepare to set sail with 44 wonderful folks on the Disney Wish. My goal is to serve them and their families by sharing researched tips for an stress-free, memory-filled journey. These tips aren't just for our amazing goals team; they're for anyone setting sail, including you! So, whether you're managing a farm 24/7 or seeking future cruise adventures, these insights, coupled with Amazon affiliate links (no extra charge to you), are here to enlighten and ensure your cruising experience is as magical as our farm life! 🚢🌟 #FarmLifeMeetsCruiseAdventure #DisneyWishTips #MemoriesOnDeck

This blog post is inspired from our company goals trips we host at our family businesses at Honest Abe Log Homes, Barky Beaver Mulch & Soils, and Eco-Panels of Tennessee… it’s always a special and fun time getting to spend with our incredible sales and management team and their families… this is a tradition my parents started years ago and one we love to continue today. So, let’s get into the fun info.


As we are preparing to take 44 wonderful folks on an upcoming cruise on the Disney Wish, it’s my honor and goal to serve them and their families to the best of my ability so … I research and find the best tips and hints to help get everyone prepared and ready for a fun, stress free trip making those memories with family which is what it is all about.


In my research and previous sailings, I found some great info and wanted to share not just for our wonderful goals team but for others traveling on a cruise that could also benefit from this info! Please note if there is a photo of an item is it a link that will take you to Amazon and they are Amazon affiliate links which is no extra charge to you, so yay!



Tip 1: Bring a lanyard to hold your key card. If you’re like me or traveling with children, spending time looking for a key card while packing a sleeping baby or trying to find a key card in one of many possible bags or pockets does not sound fun. So, bringing a lanyard to keep your key card in (it’s your cruise ship identification too so you’ll always want it on you. I did some searching to find some good options for a lanyard but please note the link will take you to Amazon and it is an affiliate link.


Tip 2: Bring an empty gift card with you. Why you may ask… well on the Disney Wish you must insert your key card in order to operate your lights! This is a great way to conserve energy but also a good way to forget your key card… so just bring an empty old gift card with you to solve this potential aggravating issue. Another extra tip on this is the Velcro sticker to put on the empty gift card and the wall so when your not using your key card in your lights you can stick it on the wall so you don’t misplace it.

Tip 3: Bring a pop-up hamper for dirty clothes. I believe this fun tip is one of my favorites because if you’re like us those dirty clothes pile up fast and get scattered everywhere. Having a hamper in the room to put them in is an amazing idea AND it’s perfect to have one to carry to the laundry facility on board. The Disney Wish has a “Fairytale Fresh Laundry” self-service laundry facility on board so how cool is that! If you’re like my sister-in-law (and I complete get it now) you’ll want to do laundry before heading home and that pop up hamper will be an awesome easy addition to pack! Plus, you have to set your luggage out at 10pm the night before disembarkation and how nice will it be those clothes are clean, not stinking and increasing the smell, and you can put them up when you get home instead of washing and unpacking that way. I did some searching to find some good options for pop up hampers, but please note the link will take you to Amazon and it is an affiliate link.


Tip 4: Bring a “no surge” power outlet strip. I didn’t realize the cruise ship would not allow surge protectors and the ship will kill the battery to your phone quick… and you have to have your phone to access the cruise navigator! Yikes! Be prepared and bring a no surge protector, cruise friendly outlet strip so you have plenty of access to your charger(s). I did some searching to find some good options for cruise friendly outlet strips, but please note the link will take you to Amazon and it is an affiliate link.


Tip 5: Bring a reusable water bottle or cup with you! I know the soft drinks and water are free on the Disney Wish BUT the paper cups are small and if you need to keep water with you in your room it can be a bit of a journey walking back and forth from your room to the beverage stations so bringing a water bottle and cup are a must. When refilling your bottle, please do use the complimentary cups the cruise ship offers then pour into your cups just to help further keep everything clean for others on board too. Here are links for some good options for water bottles and cups we found helpful. (Please note the link will take you to Amazon and it is an affiliate link.)

Also, bring a small bottle of dish washing liquid and a bottle brush to wash them in your cabin bathroom sink to keep it clean too.

 Tip 6: Wall Hooks – Did you know cruise ship walls are made of metal? We can use that to our benefit on the ship. Bring extra duty magnetic wall hooks with you to help free up closet space and use them to hang swimwear, coats, towels, etc. These are super handy and neat for traveling at a relatively low cost. Here’s a link (Amazon) to the wall hooks:


Tip 7: Night Lights – So it is dark, you have to keep your key card in to operate the lights and being in the ocean is an all new type of dark for some (especially if you live in a city)… since you’ll be in a new place having a night light is a very good tip especially if you have little ones that are used to their routine and home of getting to the bathroom. Here’s a link for some small cruise friendly night lights:

Tip 8: Bring a bag with essentials (medicines, etc), a change of clothes and swimsuit for embarkation day. Your room won’t be ready till later in the evening, so having a bag of essentials and swimwear can give you extra time to enjoy the pool and amenities when you board. It’s also helpful to pack a wet/dry bag to keep your wet clothes from getting your dry clothes wet. Check out this beautiful bag that we got with all the extras for storage too. It's a must if you don't already have a one you can use! Plus a toiletry bag that you can hang is perfect for the cruise and there's a couple of choices below that match the bag in case you're interested!


Tip 9: Reef Safe Sunscreen for Castaway CayAs you set sail on the Disney Wish to explore the wonders of Castaway Cay, a tropical paradise awaits. Amid the excitement, it's essential to be mindful of the environment. One crucial element of responsible cruising is choosing the right sunscreen. Join us as we dive into the importance of reef-safe sunscreen and recommend two fantastic options below.

Tip 10: Swim Shoes are highly recommended for Castaway Cay because the beach has a lot of shells making it a bit difficult to walk bare footed.


Tip 11: If you get car sick or are unsure of yourself it’s best to play it safe. Sea bands are a great way to help prevent queasiness and there are also some neat all natural patches that go behind your ear too. Here’s the links: Sea Bands:


 Tip 12: If you’re like me you’ll want to capture all the pics and video of your trip and since aqua mouse, the pools and beach have lots of water… it is a good idea to keep your cell phone in a Waterproof Phone Case – here’s a link to reference what we are referring to.

 Tip 13: I’m not necessarily overly organized but I did come across this neat tip the other day and it’s to bring an Over the door shoe organizer to hand over your bathroom door to keep sunscreen, shoes, certain toiletries, etc and it helps free up space. I read another article where one lady used the magnetic wall hooks to hand the shoe organizer up too. This is a helpful tip if you like being super organized. Oh, and make sure to unpack and don’t live out of your suitcase. That is a huge tip that me and my family always do is to unpack and that way you’re not digging and searching for items in the suitcase. You can also pack with packing cubes, or I’ve even found and am going to try packing with storage cube hanging shelves. Here’s the links in the photos below (Amazon Links)

Tip 14: Bring a Copy of your passport. just in case. We advise leaving your passport in the cabin safe and take a photocopy of your passport to bring ashore instead of the real one so it’s not at a risk of being. Lost or stolen.


Tip 15: Depending on the weather, some folks pack a cheap poncho just in case of rain. Also, they say the restaurants stay very cold so bringing a light jacket or cardigan is a must! So far, the weather during our cruise is looking great but having a lightweight poncho from the Dollar tree can’t hurt.


Tip 16: Don’t worry about beach towels, they provide those. They also provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion so you don’t have to worry about packing those items from home. If you do, I recommend packing them in Ziploc bags just in case of a potential leak or spill. That way if something did leak it wouldn’t get all over your clothes.


Tip 17: Tipping: If you feel you received exceptional service aboard the Disney Wish, bring extra cash to tip the staff. On the last night you’ll be given envelopes to tip or you can take care of tipping at guest services too. The rate they suggest per night per person is $14.50 so try to budget about $58 per person for tipping. This is not required but suggested by Disney Cruise Line. Again, I highly doubt you won’t have exceptional service but if not, you can adjust the tipping as you feel best.


Tip 18: Portable Phone Chargers: The ship drains your phone battery and since the cruise navigator is on your phone it’s a good idea to bring a portable charger and I found the neatest one that is super convenient and not bulky!

Tip 19: Other helpful info we found enlightening: Did you know you can eat breakfast and lunch at 1923 aboard the Disney Wish too? You don’t have to eat the buffet every day for breakfast and lunch if you don’t want to! This would be a nice little change up from eating the same place for breakfast and lunch. Room Service is also included on the Disney Wish and they have a nice continental breakfast available too!


Tip 20: Bring Apple Air Tags & Don’t forget your passport. Here’s a super cool airtag passport holder along with link to airtags so you can track your luggage or anything for that matter!

Make sure you print and bring your port arrival forms, your driver license and passport or birth certificate with you. DO NOT FORGET THESE OR YOU CANNOT BOARD THE CRUISE SHIP OR FLY without a driver license! Also the day we board the Wish make sure you have a bag with essentials, medication and a change of clothes and swimwear (if you want) because your room will not be ready until later afternoon. That way you have what you need with you until luggage arrives.


Disney Cruise Line is the best cruise we’ve ever been on and really doesn’t even compare with the other cruise lines we’ve sailed with… the food is amazing, the experience and ambience is just hard to beat. Enjoy your cruise and I hope these quick tips help you as much as it’s helped us and our wonderful team!

And now, a heartfelt thank you for joining us on this seafaring journey. The Disney Cruise Line is a gem among cruises, offering unparalleled delights that set it apart from the rest. From delectable cuisine to an enchanting ambiance, you're in for a treat!

Enjoy every magical moment, and may these handy tips add an extra sprinkle of joy to your cruise experience. Bon voyage! 🚢✨

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