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Spreading Ag Awareness

Here at Acres of Grace Farms one of our goals is spreading agriculture awareness. We want to help young people understand how agriculture impacts their everyday life. To help do this we are creating tools for parents and teachers to use as a guide to help teach youth about agriculture. We've begun creating lesson plans with PowerPoints and activities. We have all of our education lesson plans and PowerPoints posted below. If you have any requests, please contact us through the contact box at the bottom of the page.


Book: Where Oh Where Does The Yellow Corn Grow?

By Nick & April Patterson

The purpose of this book is to instill in children the importance of agriculture in their lives. It I sour desire that each young person grows up with the appreciation of the land, for the farmers that cultivate it, and for the myriad of valuable products it produces.

Ag Literacy

Agriculture literacy is defined as possessing knowledge and understanding of the food and fiber system. Why is ag literacy important? All people young and old should have a basic understanding of how their food (and fiber for their clothes) is grown, harvested, and brought to the place they purchase the final product. Many young people assume that the products their family or guardians buy at the grocery store are grown out back or inside the store. This is because they are taught little about how crops are grown. We hope that by creating a space for families and teachers too go to find ag education resources they will be more likely to teach their children/students about agriculture.

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