Improve the quality grade of your cattle in just one generation. Choosing Akaushi bulls is a low-risk and simple management change that provides an immediate opportunity to earn a premium. While improved carcass quality is an obvious advantage to using Akaushi, the breed offers many other added benefits, like calving ease, heat tolerance and increased consistency in both cattle and meat type. Keep the cowherd you've spent years developing, the vaccine and protocol supplement remain the same, but Akaushi half-blood offspring are worth more. 

Acres of Grace Akaushi beef perfectly blends the intensity of Prime Angus with the succulence of Wagyu. With its lush, beefy flavor and tender, melt-in-your-mouth disposition, Akaushi will be for many of you The Holy Grail of Steak. If you love Prime Angus, you've got to try the Akaushi Wagyu. Great on the grill or seared in cast-iron. Akaushi beef is also known for its heart healthy qualities, with a higher concentration of monounsaturated fat relative to saturated fat along with being a natural source of oleic acid, a compound found in olive oil that USDA states is good for the heart.  Acres of Grace Farm's Akaushi beef is all natural, and we do not add hormones