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If you are interested in learning more about introducing Akaushi genetics into your herd, we welcome you to visit Acres of Grace Farms in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee.


To make an Akaushi bull your next herd sire please fill out the contact form below or give us a call to visit the ranch and discuss availability.

Choosing Akaushi bulls is a low-risk management practice that provides an immediate opportunity to earn a premium. Akaushi half-blood offspring are worth more than the average commercial calf and are automatically candidates for our buyback program.

Our buyback program is linked, click buyback program, please see it for more information.

The bulls that Acres of Grace Farms sell are full blood or purebred “15/16 or higher”, registered, and DNA verified through the American Akaushi Association, and also have a current veterinarian Breeding Soundness Exam; and are certified Trich Free. HeartBrand sells 100% possession and 50% semen sharing interest unless otherwise specified.

Let's get started.

Fill out the contact form below!

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