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Fall Fun on the Farm!

Welcome to the newest agritourism destination in Tennessee at Acres of Grace Farms! We are thrilled to announce our Fall schedule, welcoming visitors on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 pm to 6 pm (Central Time).


Mark your calendars for our weekend dates of operation:

Sept. 30 & October 1

October 7 & 8

October 14 & 15

October 21 & 22

October 28 & 29.

Join us at Acres of Grace Farms

Step into the enchanting world of Acres of Grace Farms Agritourism—a haven where the joys of rural life come alive! We extend a warm invitation to families and friends to join us throughout October for a day filled with laughter, adventure, and cherished moments.

As you approach our delightful farm, you'll be greeted by a charming barn—an emblem of our timeless connection to the past. Inside, immerse yourself in farm scenes, exhibits, and vintage farming equipment from nearly a century ago, honoring the rich agricultural heritage that fills our hearts with pride. It's a captivating journey through time, connecting the present with the roots of our farm's fascinating story.

Venture further into our vibrant agritourism area—a playground of excitement and merriment for all ages. Discover the thrill of navigating our corn maze, enhanced by optional scavenger hunts and games that add delightful twists to the adventure. Wander through our sunflower field, a picturesque landscape providing the perfect backdrop for capturing beautiful moments. And for a special experience, indulge in "pick your own" sunflowers to take home (for an additional fee), cherishing the beauty of nature in your hands.

Embrace the essence of the season at our pumpkin patch, where the joy of pumpkin picking evokes treasured memories. These plump, vibrant gourds aren't just perfect for carving but also yield delicious roasted pumpkin seeds and mouthwatering pies, bringing warmth to the embrace of autumn.

Join the cheer as our cheerful rubber ducks race to the finish line, adding a splash of whimsy and excitement to the day's festivities. For our little adventurers, a thrilling hay scramble awaits, offering a delightful treasure hunt to find hidden washers and claim delightful prizes.

Marvel at the spectacle of pumpkin launches, as these seasonal orbs take flight, soaring with joy. Our petting zoo offers heartwarming experiences, inviting you to forge connections with furry friends, while the pedal cart track and bounce animal hop arena promise exhilarating delights for the young and young at heart.

From the spirited thrill of bull roping (don't worry, not a real bull) to the daring ascent of the rolling pipe slide and hay pyramid, every moment is an opportunity for excitement and accomplishment.

Children's laughter echoes throughout our corn bin—a play haven where piles of corn inspire imaginative play with diggers and toys that spark creativity. Meanwhile, our playgrounds beckon with boundless joy, inviting carefree and adventurous spirits to soar.

Embark on a journey through our agritourism, discovering an abundance of activities and delights for the whole family to savor. For just $10 per person, with little ones aged 2 and under joining us free of charge, we eagerly await your presence—together, we'll create an unforgettable day brimming with fun, laughter, and heartwarming memories!

Join us at Acres of Grace Farms Agritourism, where the spirit of fall comes alive, and cherished connections blossom. We look forward to welcoming you soon for a day filled with endless smiles and the pure delight of the season!

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