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Misconceptions in Agriculture: GMOs

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

GMOs always get the bad wrap. The public claims they can cause diseases, they are full of chemicals and some anti-GMO groups claim GM foods are poison. GM crops are completely safe. Methods of genetic modification have been around since agriculture began. Simple genetic modification began with breeding animals or plants that had desirable traits. For example, if you were wanting a black Angus calf you would breed a black Angus cow and a black Angus bull together so that the calf would be black Angus. Same way with flowers, fruits, or vegetables. You combine 2 parents with a specific trait for the offspring to have that trait. In the United States, there are 10 commercially available genetically modified crops in the United States: soybeans, corn (field and sweet), canola, cotton, alfalfa, sugar beets, summer squash, papaya, apples and potatoes. Any other crop has no possibility of being genetically modified.

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