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Misconceptions in Agriculture: Farming is Outdated

When you think of a farmer do you think of an old man in overalls on a worn-down tractor? Do you think about a farmhand hand milking a cow twice a day? Although the public imagines farmers to be uneducated this is far from the truth. Most of the tractors that harvest the grains we eat daily have more technology than the first spaceship. GPS and satellite imaging allow farmers to get the most yield out of their fields. By using a tractor with a tracking system while tilling and preparing the soil for planting farmers can take that location imaging and download it into the tractor they will use for planting and then use the same pathway to plant the seeds into. These tractors drive themselves! No need for second-guessing if you are in the row you have prepped for your crop. Farmer relies on animal nutritionists, mechanics, and numerous other specialists who help them to give their plant or livestock crop the best chance they can have. Many colleges have agriculture programs with degrees ranging from a horticulturist to a veterinarian. To get a plant or animal productively from its first stage of life to your dinner table experts in animal husbandry, plant science, nutrition, and dietetics are needed. Farmers use the help of experts from day 1 to keep their livestock happy and/or their plants growing strong and producing.

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