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"He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth..."
Psalm 104:14



[ sur-vuhnt-hood ]  noun To serve others 

Meet the Pattersons


The story of Acres of Grace Farms started in April of 2011. Nick Patterson was working as an associate veterinarian at a rural mixed animal veterinary clinic in Celina, Tennessee. April Smith brought in a Bassett hound named Roscoe with a hurt foot. It really was the cliche “love at first sight” – not only for April & Nick but for Roscoe too. 

Nick doctored and cared for Roscoe’s foot, getting him back to health while simultaneously Nick & April began their relationship after many additional visits to vet with Roscoe. ;)


In June 2012 the two tied the knot and were married in the sight of God. 

Now they work together on the farm and in helping to manage April’s family businesses where they continue to employ 150 folks in rural Moss, Tennessee.​​

April and Nick are passionate about the beef industry, especially inspiring and educating young farmers. 

In 2020, they welcomed their son Axel to the family! Then in 2023 they welcomed another son, Liam!

Harvesting Joy: Acres of Grace Farms

Where Agriculture Meets Adventure and Education

Acres of Grace Farms represents a thriving agricultural sanctuary that encompasses a fully operational farmstead, complete with Akashi cattle, row crops, efficient haulage systems, and top-tier silage production. However, our vision extends beyond the farm; it's about creating a nurturing environment for families and fostering a love for agriculture.

In addition to our farming endeavors, we extend a heartfelt welcome to families seeking an enriching agritourism experience. As a testament to this commitment, we regularly host delightful farm-to-table dinners and A Southern Marketplace, a prestigious event held thrice annually. This remarkable gathering showcases an impressive array of offerings from over 90 vendors, including vintage treasures, antiques, boutique fashion, artisan crafts, handcrafted goods, delectable food trucks, live musical performances, and much more.

But Acres of Grace Farms offers more than just shopping and dining experiences. Our expansive farm is a year-round playground for families, featuring a delightful petting zoo, an intricate corn maze, a bustling pumpkin patch, a vibrant sunflower field, and the opportunity to handpick exquisite flowers. During our fall fun farm days, there's an abundance of engaging activities for everyone to enjoy.

We're passionate about agriculture and education, which is why we've authored a Children's book and offer insightful farm tours to showcase our operation. Our enthusiasm for agriculture is boundless, and we take pride in sharing our knowledge with small groups and schools. During our Southern Marketplace event, we often conduct various educational classes, such as basket weaving and flower arranging, adding a touch of learning to the festivities. At Acres of Grace Farms, we're dedicated to nurturing a deep appreciation for agriculture while creating cherished memories for families and visitors alike.

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Our Cattle 

At it's heart, Acres of Grace Farms, located in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, is a cattle company, focused on superior herd health and producing the highest quality beef possible.  Our cattle are fed a high forage diet and haylage we raise on our farm that is packed full of all natural proteins. They live peacefully on fields of green pastures and are nurtured by owner and veterinarian, Dr. Nick Patterson, so you can rest assured they have received the best care possible. 

Dr. Patterson has a passion for producing a high-quality all natural healthy beef.  That's why he made the decision to invest in Akaushi genetics for our herd.  Known for its heart healthy benefits and superior quality, there are no compromises with this breed. 


Akaushi (pronounced Aka-ooshie) is a Japanese red Wagyu breed of beef cattle. Originated in Kumamoto, Japan, the breed was developed to provide the remarkable marbling traits Wagyu-type cattle are known as an animal that can thrive in nearly any environment with superior performance. This rare and prestigious breed is sought after for more than its famous carcass traits. 

Overall, Akaushi cattle combine distinguished marbling with sound structure, high fertility and modern body type. Akaushi cattle calve easy, are structurally sound, wean heavy calves and remain in the herd for many years. Our cattle balance meat quality with performance and any cattleman would be proud to put in their pasture.


Visit Acres of Grace Farms


A truly one of a kind wedding venue at Acres of Grace Farms! 


Experience A Southern Marketplace Barn Sale at Acres of Grace Farms!


Unforgettable memories made on the farm! Plan your next family, business, or church function at Acres of Grace! 

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