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Roasting Soybeans and Corn for Cattle

As farmers who grow our own grains and feed materials for our cattle, we are always looking for ways to salvage any bad crops we have. This past year we had a rough time with our soybean crop. To help us still be able to feed that crop of soybeans to our cattle we invested in a soybean roaster. Roasting soybeans kills unwanted urease enzymes and trypsin inhibitors while at the same time making the protein, fat, and amino acids of the soybean easier to digest. We also have roasted corn to feed our cattle. Roasting corn causes the starches to convert to sugar which can help prevent acidosis in cattle. Acidosis is commonly associated with the ingestion of large amounts of highly fermentable, carbohydrate-rich feeds this can result in a large amount of acid in the rumen. We have seen great results in our cattle’s muscle gain from this roasted soybean feed.

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