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Nick and April's story

As told by Nick "Our story began after I obtained both my B.S. in Animal Science in 2006 and my D.V.M. degree in 2010 from the same university. It was July of 2010 that I moved to the area we live not to be an associate veterinarian at a mixed animal practice. A year later, my now wife, brought a hurt basset hound for care. While I like to think she kept losing the medicine on purpose in order to keep coming back, knowing her now she really did just happen to lose the medicine. In short, we were married a year later. My wife and I live on her family farm of which she is the 3rd generation farmer of. She obtained her B.S. in accounting in 2010 and moved back home to help with her family of businesses and begin her own farming operation on land she had purchased from her parents. She and her family have been heavily involved in agriculture and their family businesses revolve around the forestry industry including a hardwood sawmill and timber management division, a dry-kiln lumber division, a mulch and soil mix division, a log and timber frame home division, and logistics division. We both have roles we play in all the businesses in addition to our full l time roles in our various agricultural enterprises that include row crop, beef cattle, and agri-tourism.

I grew up on a cow/ calf operation in northwest Alabama where I farmed with my father and uncle. We continue to run a cow/ calf operation together with my father.

As a growing family, we are passionate about agriculture, serving our community, and providing jobs in our rural area. We work hard to preserve our way of life so others may grow and prosper in what their passion is, whether that be pursuing their career in law, medical, or education. We love to share our story and passion for agriculture through our agri-tourism events and children’s book throughout our area and state. Our core values are to be good stewards of what the Lord’s blessed us with and continue a sustainable practice while serving others. We love being agri-entrepreneurs.

Our mission statement is to serve others by being good stewards of all the Lord’s blessed us with so other can continue to do what they’re meant to do in the world without worrying where their food or next meal comes from."

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