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Read the book online by clicking above. You may also download a free digital copy to keep. Feel free to share the link or embed it in your own website. 

Inspiration for the Book

Nick and April wrote the book, Where, Oh Where, Does the Yellow Corn Grow?, to educate, entertain and inform. They enjoyed observing the lifecycle of their corn crops to determine what is important to share with children reading the book.

The original children's book, Where,Oh Where, Does the Yellow Corn Grow?, has garnered numerous inquiries from those who wish to purchase them for gifts or other purposes.

The initial 2017 printing was for donation by Acres of Grace Farms in support of Clay County, Tennessee's, Ag in the Classroom program. We are currently sold out of the paper copy so please email us for more information. 

For larger print runs for schools or groups, we welcome you to contact us about purchasing quantity amounts directly from our printer. As part of our commitment to promoting agriculture and honoring farmers, we will not charge for use of this original material as long as it is printed exactly as originally published. There is room on the back cover for affixing a sticker that would inform recipients that your organization has sponsored the book. Such information may be possible to print directly on a quantity run by special arrangements. For more information email April Patterson.

Where, Oh Where, Does the Yellow Corn Grow?

A children's book to teach young people about farmers and farming.