Acres of Grace Farms

   First, we will have to be honest… our chicken and egg production literally comes because of April’s love for chickens.
   We also have a nice facility to house the hens in a well protected area from predators and weather, hand fed by us each day, have plenty of room to roam, and lots of green grass when we let them out every evening and on weekends while we are home.  
   The breeds of our chickens range from pretty much what April decides to order from McMurray hatchery. We’ve had close to every breed of chicken. Currently we have araucanas (blue egg laying chickens), rhode island reds, barred rocks, leghorns, wyandottes, red stars, brahmas and many others. The ones pictured above from Acres of Grace Farms are, from left, top row: Rhode Island Red, silver laced Wyandotte, dark Brahma, and from left, bottom: Columbia Wyandotte  and Sussex.

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Eggs are gathered and offered for sale through our brick and mortar store, The Mill Storehouse, during the spring, summer and for most of the fall months.

Chickens and Eggs

   "I remember being five years old and saving my birthday money up just to buy my first set of rhode island red hens for $20… I’ve had chickens ever since."– April Patterson

​​​A recent study in Mother Earth News showed a comparison in nutrients between eggs from pasture-raised chickens and those commercially raised on factory farms. In their study, it was noted that eggs that came from conscientious farmers (whose birds foraged on fresh pasture) had the following:

·       1/3 less cholesterol.

·       1/4 less fat.

·       2/3 more vitamin A.

·       2 times more omega-3 fatty acids.

·       3 times more vitamin E.

·       7 times more beta carotene.

​​​Consumer benefits of consuming all natural, farm fresh eggs...